Three new products lines to help you heal old wounds, break free from recurrent triggers, and discover inner happiness and peace.

To truly heal old-deep wounds, we need to get to the root of what is really causing our pain, figure out how to break free from it, and eventually learn to see in the beauty of life and be at peace with ourselves and the world. The ancient Daoists spent centuries learning how to make this process easier and more effective by combining herbal medicine and aromatic oils with their meditation and personal reflection work.

“I developed these products over years of working to help my patients break free from chronic depression, anxiety, traumatic memories and dependency on medications or therapists. The goal was to empower my patients to do their own work and become their own best therapist. I wanted them to learn from and get the benefits of the ancient Daoist practices that have helped me so much. We are our own best healer and these products will help you learn to be that for yourself.” – Justin Ehrlich, Licensed Acupuncturist

Yin Fire The Yin Fire tea and oils help you gently discover the root of your pain and suffering. The first part of self-discovery, and of healing our inner pain, is to figure out what is really the issue. The problem is that it is often hard to crack the protective walls we’ve built up inside ourselves. Likewise it can be scary to open up to our inner truths when we have trauma in our past. By using the Yin Fire tea and oils, you can make the process of opening up to yourself easier and faster. Click to visit the Yin Fire page.

Three ShenThe Three Shen tea and oils helps you to break free from the root cause of your pain and suffering. Our triggers are often very intense to work with. The pain is just too much to sit with and process, and when we can’t come into presence with our pain, we can’t work through it. The Three Shen tea and oils help us soften up the hard edges of our pain and triggers so that we can begin to let go and truly heal. Click to visit the Three Shen page.

Golden LightThe Golden Light tea and oils are designed to help enrichen your daily work flow and meditative practices. The ancient Daoists specialized in the use of different plants and minerals to support mental focus, increased energy, strengthen their immune system, and enter deeper meditative states. Click to visit the Golden Light page.

The basic idea for all these products is really simple. Drink the tea and apply the oils as directed. Then do your regular personal growth work – meditate, journal, mind-map, work with a therapist, etc. Make note of how the process changes – more calmness, more clarity, more progress.

If you’re ready to get some help with your inner journey or just want to experience the beauty of Daoist external alchemy, come take a look.

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