3 Shen Meditation Tea & Oil

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3 Shen Meditation Tea

There are times in life when we’re in the midst of a deep struggle. We know we’re suffering, and we know why we’re suffering. This formula is designed to help you gently disentangle yourself from the struggle.

There are three steps you’ll need to take to begin freeing yourself from your struggle and this tea is designed to help with each of those steps. First, you’ll need to slow down the story in your head that is running the show. Second, you’ll need to begin to soften into yourself to be able to see the internal hurt, anger, confusion, and stubbornness that is there. Third, you can begin to separate what is your “stuff” from the whole situation so that you can start the process of letting go of what is not yours and working on what is yours. This tea will help you with each part of this process.

Over the years, I’ve found sipping this tea combined with the mantra included with it to be extremely helpful and insightful to those of my clients who are willing to “sit” with their internal world.

That said, this isn’t magic and you’re not going to have a mystical, transpersonal or hallucinogenic experience from drinking this tea. But, it is a powerful formula and can provide deep support in times of need.

The mantra is simple and can be spoken out loud, whispered, or can be recited internally. Do what feels best to you but try to “feel” the words as you speak them. The more you can connect to the message, the more powerful it will be.

Drink one cup of this tea, twice per day, and preferably before doing your daily meditation practice. I recommend doing this practice for 30 days when facing a struggle. Make note of the thoughts that move through your mind, observe your reactions, and use your regular mindfulness techniques to help understand the lesson that is in front of you.

This bottle contains a 4-6 week supply depending on how often you drink the tea.


A proprietary blend of Dan Shen (Salvia root), Xuan Shen (Scrophularia root), and Ku Shen (Sophora root).


Add 1/2-1 scoop to 6-8 ounces of hot water to dissolve. Drink as a tea. Twice per day.

3 Shen Meditation Oil

The sweet and smoky undertones of Chinese cedarwood enter the innermost layers of our body and psyche to move areas of deep chronic stagnation and suffering. Wormwood’s bright minty scent opens our chest so we can take a deep breath and begin to let go of our pain. It calms our mind and opens our eyes to see the world more clearly so that we can finally move forward. Honeysuckle’s spicy and cooling nature helps wormwood to let go of the heat and pain of our suffering while its sweet floral scent evokes a sense of hope and beauty.

This formula helps to move nourish yin while moving chronic yin stasis, it opens the chest and sensory orifices to help release deep internal heat held in the blood (emotions). It is cooling, invigorating, and uplifting. In Daoist language, it kills the 3 worms which could be considered the ghosts that haunt us and cause our suffering.

This bottle contains enough oil for about two months of use.


Essential oils of Qing Hao (sweet wormwood), Nan Mu (Chinese cedarwood), and Jin Yin Hua (honeysuckle) in a base of cold-pressed sesame and tamanu oils.


Apply to the following acupuncture points 2x/daily – three days per week. Pericardium 6, Gall Bladder 22, Conception Vessel 14, Conception Vessel 8, Governing Vessel 24. Use in conjunction with your regular meditative or introspective practices. Best when combined with the Three Shen Meditation Tea.

3 Shen Meditation Oil Ingredients Details

Qing HaoThe bright spicy scent of Qing Hao (Chinese sweet wormwood) helps calm our mind, awaken our perception of our inner world and allows us to take a deep breath as we become present with our experiences. Traditionally used for treating heat in the blood in Chinese herbal medicine, this oil is particularly good at lifting our mood and easing anxiety. The classical and modern usage for parasites and infections helps us to confront and overcome our internal demons that haunt our thoughts and experiences. The spicy flavor opens our chest to help us take a deep breath and come into the present moment – where all healing/awakening occurs.

Major chemical components: Artemisinin – sesquiterpene lactone

Nan MuThe deep smoky-sweet scent of Nan Mu (Chinese cedarwood) gives us a sense of comfort and safety as it invites us to look deeply inward. Although cooling, its spicy flavor creates movement as helps to move stagnation at the deepest levels inside us. Historically used for both furniture and coffins, it is highly resistant to decay and damage by insects and parasites. This oil has a beautiful ability to nourish us as we break up our deepest attachments and stagnations.

Major chemical components: sesquiterpenes (cedrine), sesquiterpinols (cedrol), ketones.

Jin Yin HuaThe sweet scent of Jin Yin Hua (Chinese honeysuckle) brings a lightness to our eyes and mind. It uplifts our mood and brightens our outlook on life. Its cooling nature helps clear the heat of aggravation, anger, frustration, and resentment. The spiciness of the scent brings our awareness to the surface of the body and brings our mind up and out of our inner suffering. It gives us the opportunity for a new outlook, the chance to see new potential, and new beginnings.

Major chemical components: terpenes, sesquiterpenes, linalool, geraniol, aromadendrene, eugenol

2 reviews for 3 Shen Meditation Tea & Oil

  1. Phil D.

    The 3 Shen Tea/Oil combination is a very powerful product to help move stuck energies and catalyze emotional healing. It has helped me open up my heart, let go of old fears, and move through outdated patterns without needing to suffer. I highly recommend them!

  2. Lilli Steingraeber

    When I started using the 3 Shen Tea, i was also only 2 weeks into practicing meditation. I found it very difficult to stick with meditating at first, but gradually took a liking to the ritual of sipping my tea before sitting down.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the tea became part of my day and it helped me a great deal with figuring out hidden sources of anxiety.
    Thank you Justin!

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