Yin Fire Meditation Tea & Oil

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Yin Fire Meditation Tea

Sometimes although we know something is off, we just can’t place our finger on what it is. This formula is designed to gently open the Pandora’s Box of what is brewing under the surface.

The goal can be to discover something about yourself you haven’t seen before or to help you gain new insight around an issue you’re already aware of. Either way, the goal is to help you uncover something you’ve been missing.

Like the 3 Shen Tea, this formula is meant to be used as part of your regular meditation practice. It won’t do the work for you but it will help bring awareness to your inner world. I recommend sipping on the tea just prior to your regular sitting practice. It can also be useful to sip on the tea before journalling or mind-mapping or any sort of self-discovery exercise.

I generally recommend doing this practice for 30 days when you’re trying to deepen your self-discovery. While some may find breakthroughs in less time, I still recommend sticking with the 30 days. I like to sip the tea, do my meditation, and then follow up with journalling or mind-mapping around any of the thoughts going through my head.

This process can make your mind more active while sitting. The goal is to bring things out, not to calm them down so don’t get discouraged by a busy mind. Bringing things to the surface will help you identify what part of your life needs some attention and is an empowering process. Approach the journey with a curious mind.

This bottle contains a 4-6 week supply depending on how often you drink the tea.


A proprietary blend of Xiang Fu (Cyperus rhizome), Shan Zhi Zi (Gardenia fruit), and Shi Chang Pu (Acorus rhizome).


Add 1/2-1 scoop to 6-8 ounces of hot water to dissolve. Drink as a tea. Twice per day.

Yin Fire Meditation Oil

The spicy but deep and smoky scent of xiang fu opens our chest to create a sense of deep internal space. It creates a powerful internal opening to help us begin to let things out of the closet and discover what has been hidden in the darker corners of our psyche. Helichrysum’s cooling nature calms the mind and soothes our nerves so that whatever we discover doesn’t overwhelm us. It works with xiang fu to help relax our diaphragm so that we can stay connected to our breath (the present moment) and not get caught up in any internal drama. Su he xiang’s sweet, thick and resinous scent penetrates deeply into our head to stimulate the pineal gland and awaken our senses. It brings light to our vision so we can clearly see what xiang fu and helichrysum have helped to uncover.

Xiang fu moves chronic qi and blood stagnation to release the mind (mental patterning). Helichrysum clears heat in the blood (mind), heals our wounds, and protects us from any toxins coming out of the chronic stagnation released by xiang fu. Su he xiang opens the orifices so that we can discover what we’ve been missing.

This bottle contains enough oil for about two months of use.


Essential oils of Xiang Fu (cyperus root), Helichrysum (everlasting), and Su He Xiang (styrax resin) in a base of cold-pressed sesame and tamanu oils.


Apply to the following acupuncture points 2x/daily – three days per week. Pericardium 6, Liver 14, Conception Vessel 17, Governing Vessel 24. Use in conjunction with your regular meditative or introspective practices. Best when combined with the Yin Fire Meditation Tea.

Yin Fire Meditation Oil Ingredients Details

Xiang FuThe deep, smoky, woody scent of xiang fu (Cyperus root) relaxes our diaphragm and opens our chest so we can pause and take a deep breath. The deep heavy nature of the scent draws us into our own dark inner mystery but its spiciness brings that mystery out rather than keeping it locked away. It creates a sense of deep opening around our heart and inside our body and mind as it relaxes us into the present moment.

Major chemical components: Sesquiterpines: a-cyperolone >9% (Guang Zhou extractor analysis), B-selinene, cyperine, patchoulenone, sugeonol. Monoterpines: Pinene, camphene, cineole, limonene.

HelichrysumThe spicy herbaceous scent of helichrysum is bright, cooling, and calming. Although not sweet like a typical floral oil, it calms our nerves and relaxes our body. It smells of medicine and our body intrinsically feels this as we smell the oil. It opens our chest and relaxes us into the present moment with a sense of safety.

Major chemical components: a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, linalool, terpinen-4-ol, neryl acetate, nerol, geraniol, eugenol, italidone and other b-diketones.

Su He XiangThe warming spicy nature of su he xiang’s scent penetrates deeply into our head to awaken our senses while its rich sweet nature calms our nerves to be able to stay present with what we observe. It tells us we need to look at what is there, and tells us it’s going to be ok at the same time.

Major chemical components: cinnamyl aldehyde.

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  1. Delhia Gayno

    The 3 Shen oil had me at first inhale. The aroma is smoky, earthy and a little bit sweet. I could literally feel my chest opening when I inhaled deeply and instantly felt like everything slowed just a bit and my head became clearer. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it really had a powerful effect on me, completely different and more intense than any other oil I have purchased at a store. I carry the oil with me through that day and whenever I feel anxiety I just take a few long deep inhales and it really helps carry me through those stressful days when you have a million things on your plate.

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