A new product to help you discover what’s causing your pain and suffering.

The Yin Fire tea and oils help you gently discover the root of your pain and suffering. The first part of self-discovery and of healing our inner pain is to figure out what is really the issue. The problem is that it is often hard to crack the protective walls we’ve built up inside ourselves and it can be scary to open up to our inner truths when we have trauma in our past. By using the Yin Fire tea and oils, you can make the process easier and faster.

“Over the years, I’ve had many clients come to me who knew they were unhappy but just couldn’t figure out what the cause was. These were clients who had already done a ton of personal development and discovery work. What they really needed was some help to crack themselves open to themselves.” said Justin Ehrlich, product developer at Justinehrlich.com. “That’s what this formula is for.”

The Yin Fire tea and oils process is simple. Drink the tea, apply the oils, do your regular inner work practices. See what comes out of the closet.

“I’ve used this product multiple times to help get under the surface of my reactivity around things. Every time I’ve used it with my regular sitting practice or mind-mapping, I’ve been shocked at how much deeper I could go into seeing my triggers and patterns of reactivity. It’s really an amazing tea!” J.H.

If you’re ready to open Pandora’s box and finally start to understand your deeper self so that you can move beyond whatever has been lurking in the shadows give Yin Fire meditation tea and oils a try.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you discover about yourself.

Yours in Health,


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