A new product to help you break free from your emotional pain and suffering.

The Three Shen tea and oils help you to break free from the root cause of your pain and suffering. Often our triggers are too intense to work with. The pain is just too much to sit with and process, and when we can’t come into presence with our pain, we can’t work through it.

This formula helps to reduce the intensity of our experiences (anxiety/depression/etc.) without numbing us to what is really there. It helps us soften up the hard edges of our pain so that we can begin to let go and heal. The tea can be used when you’re acutely triggered, but its real magic is when you combine it with your regular processing work. It’ll help you you go deeper and deeper into your healing.

“This formula really changed my life. It helped me through a period of deep struggle and pain and allowed me experience the true power of combining herbs, meditation, and personal processing. It didn’t take away the work I had to do but it was almost magical in how much it helped make that process easier and more approachable.”

The process is simple. Drink the tea, apply the oils, and do your regular inner work practices. See how much more presence you can bring to your inner journey.

“The 3 Shen formula really helps me calm my mind and sit with what’s going on. I’ve consistently had better insights into my patterning so that I can shift what’s going on from using this. It’s amazing!” M.B.

If you’re hurting and ready to break free from your triggers and emotional suffering give the Three Shen meditation tea and oils a try.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised how much this helps.

Yours in Health,


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