A new product that supports longevity, better mental focus, and helps you reach deeper meditative states

The Golden Light tea and oils are designed to help enrichen your daily work flow and meditative practices. The ancient Daoists specialized in the use of different plants and minerals to support mental focus, increased energy, strengthen their immune system, and enter deeper meditative states.

“I’m an energy healer that does distance-healing. Light-work is central to my method and this tea really supports that process. It’s amazing!” M.B.

“I love this tea. It’s delicious and keeps my focus going throughout the day without the side-effects of too much caffeine. I drink it regularly, and especially on days where I’m spending long-hours in front of the computer, it really keeps me focused and productive” J.H.

The process is simple. Drink the tea, apply the oils, and enjoy. Continue to do your regular inner work and feel how it shifts over time.

If you’re curious about Daoist approaches to better mental focus, increased energy, and better health, give the Golden Light meditation tea and oils a try.

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