Hi everyone,

I’ve recorded a free talk on how our emotional patterning works. This theory is helpful if you are working on overcoming depression, anxiety, or any type of chronic emotional struggle.

Listen to the 18min talk on Youtube or Soundcloud:



The foundations of our emotional patterning can be found in three primary levels: our genetic background, our social education, and our traumatic events. While all humans experience the same range of emotions, the way that we navigate and process those emotions are deeply affected by these three factors.

At the core of these three levels is our ability to connect to our own truth, feel it, experience it, and express it in a way that ultimately brings peace and happiness to us. Often, much of the work around emotional health is focused around understanding these three layers in our lives, how they affect our experiences, and most importantly how they end up blocking us from our actual true feelings.

Hope you enjoy the talk!

Warmly, Justin Ehrlich

p.s. What emotional patterning do you struggle with? Comment or send me a message on Facebook and I can look at recording some more content to address your specific concern.

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