Here are some of the tools I use and how they work:

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments are typically performed as a series. For chronic health concerns, I typically start with six to ten treatments (usually once per week for about two months). The exact number will always vary with your specific case. These appointments focus on a quick update from you, classical Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis, and the actual acupuncture treatment. They are usually about 60 minutes in length. 


Alchemical Acupuncture Treatments

These are one on one treatments using acupuncture, tui na (Chinese massage), and energy work to intensify your process of shifting and clearing any blockages. This is not acupuncture done to just increase your energy or relieve your back pain. Rather this is acupuncture to help stimulate internal alchemy - deep internal awakening. These are intense treatments that require your active participation in the process. Each treatment is about two hours and is only meant to be experienced every 6-8 weeks. 


In Chinese medicine, our body is one of the sacred gateways to the Spirit. Alchemical acupuncture taps into the body’s infinite intrinsic wisdom to help remove deep blockages and awaken us.


Herbal Consultations

For most of my patients, I typically prescribe a treatment plan that includes both acupuncture and herbal medicines. However, in some cases, I may recommend patients come to see me for only Chinese herbal medicine. These appointments are typically 20 minutes in length and involve a quick update from you followed by classical Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis. We will then have a short discussion about your case and what the next steps of treatment will entail. I will write a customized herbal prescription based on my findings and our discussion and have you take that prescription for a set amount of time. 


Private Dao Yin/Qi Gong/Embodiment Lessons


The ancient Daoists developed all kinds of physical practices to help them on their journey of cultivation. They gave the name Dao Yin to these and they are similar to various Yogic practices. Dao Yin combines the use of body movement, visualization techniques, and breathing patterns to bring about true embodiment and stimulate deep internal change. However, rather than teaching you standardized practices like Tai Ji (Tai Chi) or Qi Gong I will teach you customized practices to work directly with your deepest blocks. The goal here is to give you spiritually focused physical therapy. This is living dao yin (embodiment) as a personal alchemical path. These lessons are meant to give you specific tools to work with on your own. I usually recommend about 4-6 weeks between appointments but really the frequency of sessions is up to you and how committedt you are to the work.

The body is one of our greatest gifts in the journey of cultivation and I want you to know how to use yours in ways that directly support your unique path.


Nutritional Supplements & Dietary Therapy


Sometimes making deep internal shifts requires some substantial changes from our previous lifestyle habits. In some cases, we’ve lead a life that was not particularly clean and we need to prime the pumps with some basic detoxification. In other cases, we’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a long time and need some deep nourishment. Both cumulative toxicity and burnout can limit our potential for cultivation and deep change. The ancient Daoist monks knew this and came up with their own forms of biohacking thousands of years ago. We will draw upon these ancient concepts, as well as modern research into detoxification, biohacking, and neurohacking to support your journey as needed.


Essential Oil & Gemstone Elixirs


Daoists have a long tradition of external alchemy, using gemstones, oils, and other elemental objects to remove emotional blocks and increase productivity and joy. With this package, I’ll prepare and provide an alchemically prepared blend of gemstones and essential oils tailored to your unique needs – empowering you to experience real, lasting change.


It’s important to note, though, that the beneficial effects are cumulative – you’ll notice a gradual but consistent change as you continue to apply your blend according to the instructions I provide. That’s why this package includes a 6-month supply – enough to produce remarkable change that you and the people around you will love!


The oils blend will come with specific instructions on how to use them according to ancient Daoist methods


Herbal Medicines for Meditation


Meditation plays an important role in personal transformation – as you become more experienced as a meditator, it allows you to be truly present with yourself so that you can make consistent progress toward eliminating negative patterns and replacing them with limitless potential.


In Daoism, herbal formulas are integral to deep, productive meditation. When you take advantage of this program, I will prepare and provide you with an herbal blend that will help intensify your meditation experience and help you achieve breakthroughs much more quickly and easily.


You’ll also get full instructions for using the herbal tea in your meditation sessions.



If you’re dealing with a particularly troubling issue, or you’d just like a more in-depth personal transformation experience, my intensives could be just what you’ve been looking for. These in-person intensives are designed to help you cultivate deep personal awareness so that you can begin embracing all of the abundant opportunities that life has to offer… and reclaim your meaning and purpose in a truly remarkable way.


Depending on the intensive package you choose, your sessions will take place over one to two weeks, and can include some or all of the following:

  • Alchemical Acupuncture Treatments

  • Customized Dao Yin/Qi Gong sessions

  • Private coaching sessions

  • Custom meditation herb blends

  • Custom gemstone and essential oil elixirs

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