Understanding Your Path – Digital Workbook


Do you feel like you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life, running into the same kinds of road-blocks over and over, and are struggling to get over chronic emotional patterns that seem to hold you back?

This downloadable instructional workbook and bonus mind-mapping resource will help you DISCOVER and make sense of how you became who you are. Once you EMPOWER yourself with this self-knowledge, you can begin to BREAKTHROUGH the blocks holding you back from living the life you desire.

The exercises will help you to understand how you developed your unique response patterns and coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s trials and tribulations. They will help you to see how you learned to be you and where your repetitive patterns come from.

It is only in knowing WHERE your thoughts and behavior patterns came from that you can ultimately address HOW to take control over those that are limiting you.


Understanding Your Path Workbook

The Understanding Your Path workbook walks you through the steps to take a “behind the scenes” look into where you developed your assumptions about yourself and the world. Looking to your history, how you were raised, and what you’ve been exposed to can help you see why certain things are triggers for you and not others. When you can understand “why” you react to certain things, you can begin to heal the underlying wounds or question your automatic assumptions.

BONUS Mindmapping Workbook

The second, bonus part of the package is an introduction into how to use mind mapping to better understand how your subconscious affects you. It’s common to not fully understand why we react to certain situations or behaviors and this approach to mind mapping can help you to start to see the underlying emotional themes or repetitive thought patterns that influence your behaviors.


I’ve used these tools to help countless clients empower and understand themselves better over the years. When used together, these two tools are a direct, practical way to identify how you became your unique self and better understand where and why you get stuck in certain parts of your life.

Many people will return to the exercises multiple times in their process of self-discovery and healing. They are meant to be tools for ongoing use in your wellness “arsenal.”

Use these resources anytime you need clarity or greater understanding when you are faced with an entangling, personal life obstacle. Also, repeat the process of going through these workbooks two to four times a year to build on your general self-awareness. This will help remind you of what your emotional “Achilles’ heels” are so you can be conscious of how they affect your life and prevent yourself from being controlled by them, unaware.

Self-knowledge is power. This is a gateway to that power that you can return to time and again.


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