Qi Gong Class

$45.00 / month

A weekly one-hour class of eight exercises designed to promote general health, longevity, and develop sensitivity to and control of qi within your body.

This weekly class consists of a series of eight exercises designed to promote general health and longevity. It is an ideal practice for acupuncturists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, and energy workers. The series of eight exercises will help to rapidly develop your awareness of, and relationship to, the movement of qi within your body. The sensitivity developed from these exercises directly translates into clinical skills for those who do healing work. It is also a very effective health exercise for non-practitioners and is something I encourage my patients to practice regularly.

The eight exercises are:

  • Storing the Qi – 蓄
  • Opening the Qi – 開
  • Closing the Qi – 合
  • Raising the Qi – 升
  • Lowering the Qi – 降
  • Dispersing the Qi – 散
  • Entering the Qi – 入
  • Gathering the Qi – 聚

Class is conducted virtually via Zoom. There is time for questions and personal feedback at the end of each class.

The classes are held every Sunday from 10am-11am Pacific Time.


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