Men’s Group

Leading men’s groups was a natural evolution of my work with individuals. Most of the men I worked with were entrepreneurs and leaders who struggled to find a balance between action and leading and being able to connect to and honor their inner emotional experiences so they could be fully present with themselves and the people in their life.

Because so much of the focus of my work with all people is in helping them to move out of judgment and comparison, I knew that having a small group of brothers to share their experiences with would help my male clients in their individual journeys and help them expand their understanding of what it is to be a man in the modern world.

At the core of the groups is the basic goal of being a kinder human. It’s not about being more masculine or less masculine. Personally, I don’t believe in this type of gender molding. Rather, the focus is on self-discovery in relationship to who each of us is naturally as unique human beings and to help us see where gender roles, family history, and societal norms are influencing our relationship to ourselves and others.

All sessions begin with a guided meditation, some discussion about how or why that type of meditation can be helpful, and then time for each member to share what is going on in their lives and get and give some feedback on how to navigate a particular struggle. The goal is for each member to learn to see the bigger repetitive concepts that are showing up in their lives AND to have practical tools to affect a change when needed.

The goal is to wake up to who you really are and give you the tools to live the life you want to live.

Groups are limited to four members and require a minimum commitment of three months. Calls are 90-minutes and are hosted via Zoom video conferencing every two weeks. Participation is required and if calls are missed your membership may be canceled. We all show up to help each other and when we don’t the groups don’t work.

The group is right for you if you’re ready to break free from old patterns and start being more “human”

Learn to observe your inner and outer patterns of judgment and emotions

  • Step into radical inner honesty and vulnerability
  • Develop a true, deep, and strengthening knowledge of yourself

Discover the integrated nature of your physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences

  • Learn to use each of these to help you navigate all aspects of your life more smoothly
  • Manifest physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligence in your life

Develop a sense of compassion and empathy that only comes through self-awareness

  • Develop a new form of strength through being a human like everyone else
  • Learn to see the bigger picture of other people’s experiences as an extension of your own – see and feel your shared humanity

Learn to hold space for others and simultaneously set effective boundaries

  • Recognize when you’re in reactivity and guarding and learn how to reset yourself back into compassion and empathy
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries via compassion and empathy vs reactivity and guarding
Who this is for:
  • Men who are fundamentally committed to balancing personal and professional growth
  • Leaders in high growth companies
  • Team managers
  • CEOs, Founders, Executives, and C-Suite members
  • Group calls are 90-minutes bi-weekly
  • Minimum commitment of three months
  • Groups meet virtually via Zoom



“Justin’s unique blend of masculine power and grounded wisdom makes him a caring and effective teacher. His deep understanding of Daoism allows him to share powerful solutions to complex and everyday problems, and has helped me accelerate my spiritual progress while becoming more balanced.”
“I’ve worked with Justin for both 1-on-1 and group work. It’s rare to see someone be able to jump between both types of work so smoothly and relate one person’s struggles back to the struggles of the other group members. He really helps us to see the shared humanity between all of us so we can learn from each other and have more compassion for ourselves. Whether you’re looking for group work or individual work, I couldn’t recommend him more strongly.”

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