Medical Practitioner Group

Are you wanting to study the deeper spiritual roots of Chinese Medicine in a clinically relevant way? Do you want to learn to apply the rich theories of the five channel systems (sinew, luo, primary, divergent, and extraordinary) to acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils? Are you wanting to work with complex disease patterns but feel like you need more training in how to interpret the mixed signs and symptoms you see in clinic?

This group focuses on clinically relevant thinking strategies for working with complex medical cases. Together, we’ll use your patient cases to help you gain a practical understanding of how to apply classical theories in the modern clinic. You’ll learn to interpret signs and symptoms in new ways, as well as how to evaluate the life history of a person so you can work with your clients on a much deeper level. Suggestions will focus on clinically practical approaches to herbal medicine, essential oils, acupuncture (five channel systems), massage, exercise, qi gong, and dietary therapy.

Calls are conducted as an open arena to discuss the current cases you are seeing in the clinic and would like support with. Different than posting a question on a forum and getting a short answer, these calls are designed to allow for deeper interaction so you can truly grasp the beautiful thinking process of Chinese medicine.

The group is ideal for both new and experienced practitioners alike. Maybe you’re just out of school and don’t feel prepared to work with the complex diseases you’re seeing in the clinic, or maybe you’re drawn to the deeper teachings of Classical Chinese medicine.

The discussions are designed to help empower you to think more deeply about the medicine and how to best help your patients. Use the lessons from one patient to help you treat all your patients more efficiently.

Who this is for:
  • Practitioners who want to deepen their study of Classical Chinese medicine with a focus on clinically practical skills and strategies for the modern clinic
  • Practitioners who are needing feedback or guidance about challenging cases
  • Practitioners who are wanting to apply these theories and practices in their own lives and personal journeys
  • Calls are bi-weekly for 90 minutes
    • Mondays, 9 am – 10:30 am PST
  • Group members will commit to a minimum of three months
  • The group meets virtually via a telephone conference​​



“Hey everyone! I just want to say I joined the Thursday group and feel really satisfied with the learnings! I feel it’s one of the missing keys to integrate more Jeffrey Yuen and Ann Cecil’s protocols in my practice. I had so many questions I wasn’t aware of, and now I feel like Justin is really there to answer and guide me to my ideal practice.”
“I attended several conference call classes with Justin and they proved to be really interesting and well thought. Justin explains things in a really easy way and provides you a lot of useful hints to apply in your practice…so if you have the chance to attend them go for it!”
“I joined the group a couple weeks ago and have had one call since then with Justin, AND IT WAS AMAZING. VERY practical, inspirational and educational. Highly recommend!”
“I thought the calls were really helpful. The format was good and having a small group was nice. Personally, I have a lot of trouble and confusion putting Jeffrey’s style into practice but the call seemed really helpful. You’re a great teacher.”
” I have found the online classes with Justin to be very informative and clinically relevant. Justin helps me understand the why behind the things I learned in school (physiology, functions of herbs and points, patterns) so that I can develop a more specific treatment strategy in clinic and be able to evaluate the results. He draws from his clinical experience and depth of study – but he is very spontaneous in the moment to the interests, level and questions of the students participating. His teaching style is kind, compassionate and empowering. He is very generous with his knowledge – clearly motivated by his love and passion for the medicine and not some ego pursuit. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend his classes.”

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