Fees & Forms

This page has all of the nuts and bolts of information we need to begin working together. You’ll find all of my intake forms, in addition to more detailed information about the different services and their respective costs.


If you have any questions, just reach out. Book a free discovery call or send me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

New Patient Forms
New Patient Appointments
Acute Health Concern


$190 USD


(general health concerns, orthopedic injuries, etc)



Paperwork should be filled out in advance and either emailed or brought to the appointment 


Includes the following:


  • Initial evaluation and diagnosis

  • Treatment - acupuncture, gua sha, tui na, etc.

  • A treatment plan including - acupuncture, herbal medicines, essential oils, nutraceuticals, etc.

Chronic Health Concern

(available in person or via Skype)

$450 USD


(includes all chronic issues including, neurodegenerative or autoimmune diseases, chronic emotional struggles, PTSD, etc.)


All paperwork must be received a minimum of
one week before your appointment. 


Includes the following:


  • Case Review before we meet - New patient paperwork, health history, food diary, all medications & supplements, labs and charts from other treating physicians 

  • Initial meeting (60 minutes) - review of health history, classical Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis, and acupuncture treatment (if local).

  • A follow-up email with a review of findings and initial assessment and treatment plan including the following -

    • Dietary and lifestyle changes, meditation practices, herbal medicines, essential oils, gemstone medicines, acupuncture, bodywork, coaching or counseling, exercise therapy, qi gong and dao yin therapies, journaling, mind-mapping, etc.​

28-Day Meditation Program


A 28-Day program designed to dramatically shift your relationship to the triggers that cause you anxiety.


Includes the following:

  • Three, 30-minute one-on-one online sessions of personalized coaching

  • A one-month supply of the 3-Shen tea and the 3-Shen oil.

  • An audio recording of Justin’s guided 2-point meditation

  • A series of encouraging meditation prompts to support your practice.

Follow-up Care
Regular Acupuncture Treatments


$90 USD

1 hour treatment, 30 minutes face to face

Group Work
(Men's Groups and Emotional Health Groups)
$260 USD/month 

2 - 90-minute Zoom sessions per month

Herbal Consultation

$75​ USD

20-minute appointment

- does not include herbs

Medical Practitioner Group​

mentoring in Classical Chinese Medicine

$90 USD/month

2 - 90-minute Zoom sessions per month

The Continuum Program
$225 USD/month 

package of 6 calls
(a 30-minute video call, twice a month for 3 months)

The Maintenance Program
$112.50 USD/month 

package of 3 calls
(a 30-minute video call, once a month for 3 months)

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