Over the years my practice has evolved to include a great deal of life coaching. Looking back on it, I suppose it was a natural evolution due to my love of teaching and many years of studying Eastern philosophies like Daoism, Zen, and Vipassana and having explored many different modern mindfulness-based practices. Because the advice and methods I shared were so simple and practical my clients began to refer their friends and family. In the end, I ended up developing a life coaching practice.


Unlike other "life coaches," I have the advantage of drawing upon the many tools of classical Chinese medicine to support my clients. The combination of herbal medicines, essential oils, and gemstone elixirs, when combined with very focused meditation techniques, can deepen our ability to look inward and discover and work through any blockages.


I will teach you to empower yourself with your body and mind rather than being a victim to them.

Diagnose Your Issue Program

This is where everyone starts. The Diagnose Your Issue program is about helping you figure out exactly what patterns are showing up in your life and where they are coming from. We’ll go as deep as we can to identify the true root of your issue. For many people, this process is extremely illuminating and often highlights things they’ve never considered could be related to the issue. It is only by truly identifying the source of your concern that any true and long-lasting change can be achieved. Everyone starts with this package because without becoming aware of what we need to change, we have no real chance of any progress.

Solve Your Issue Packages

For those people who have completed step one, and depending on how important resolving this issue is to you at the time, I offer three levels of ongoing support in your journey. These sessions are different than typical “talk therapy” or “life coaching” and are focused around helping you truly understand your lessons and give you direct practical tools you can apply instantly. The sessions are 60 minutes long and are offered in monthly packages. ​

  • Level one (1 call) — $225/month

  • Level two (2 calls) — $430/month

  • Level three (4 calls) — $840/month  

NOTE: The Solve Your Issue packages are only available to those who have completed the Step One: Diagnose Your Issue program as it is a required prerequisite. Weekly Group Coaching Calls does not require the prerequisite. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls


Not sure if you're ready to jump in and Diagnose Your Issue but curious about what this stuff is all about? Try joining one of my weekly intimate group calls (max 5 people) for a month to get a practical introduction to this work. Group calls are $260/month (two 90-minute calls per month). 

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