Applied Daoist Philosophy and Life Coaching   

Over the years my practice has evolved to include quite a bit of life coaching. Looking back on it I suppose it was a natural evolution due to my love of teaching and many years of studying Eastern philosophies like Daoism, Zen, and Vipassana, and having explored many different modern   mindfulness based practices. I was originally drawn to Chinese medicine and Daoism because of the amazing understanding of health and the human experience they share.  Having practiced and taught a philosophically rich martial arts and qi gong system for over twenty years I knew I wanted to be more than just an "acupuncturist" for my patients and I naturally began to share the wisdom and practices of these traditions with my patients. 

Because the advice and methods I shared were so simple and practical my patients began to refer their friends and family and I ended up developing an life coaching practice. I am truly grateful for this natural evolution because it has allowed me to share my passion with so many more people. Unlike other life coaches I have the advantage of drawing upon the many tools of classical Chinese medicine to support my clients. The combination of herbal medicines, essential oils, and gemstone elixirs along with dietary and lifestyle changes can be remarkably helpful in working through deep blockages in our life. When combined with meditation, qi gong/dao yin, and various mindfulness based practices these tools offer you a path to be empowered by your body and mind rather than being victim to them.

So why come to me?

My job is to translate these ancient wisdom traditions into concrete and practical steps that you can apply to your life and the struggles you are facing right now.  Below are some of the subjects I’ve helped people work through over the years:

  • Chronic Health Challenges

  • Chronic Emotional Struggles, Old Unresolved Wounds 

  • Spiritual Searching - Life Path Questions

  • Working Through Chronic Lifestyle Habits (Food, Drugs, Exercise, Etc.)

  • Stress Management Tools

  • Professional Struggles - Helping to navigate and find meaning in our careers. 


How I Work…


Step 1 - Meet & Greet - I always like to start with a free 15-20 minute phone conversation. This is just a chance for us to get to know each other a bit, to see if we share a similar world view, and to decide if we are a good match to work together.  Working through deep life struggles is an intimate process and we should get to know each other a bit before we invest our time and effort into that journey.


Step 2 - Digging In - This part involves two steps. 


  • The first step is for you to fill out my new patient/client paperwork (Chronic Health Concern and Skype/Phone Consultation Release) with an extra focus on the “Life History” information. 

  • Once I receive the packet I will start on my part of the work - digging in to your life history and trying to figure out where the blocks are and what we need to do to get you moving in the right direction. After going over your information I will contact you to set up our first phone/Skype consultation. 


Step 3 - First Consultation - In most cases this will be a 60 minute phone consultation. We will review my findings and clarify any questions I might have about your experiences in life. I will also want to clarify your previous experiences with meditation, mindfulness practices, psychotherapy, and other cultivational tools.  We will then discuss the various strategies and options available and see which resonate with you. Finding out what tools works best for you is central to my approach - one size does not fit all…


Step 4 - The Plan -  Following our first conversation I will send you an email summary of our discussion. In that email I will layout a plan with concrete steps to work on along with a rough timeline for how we will work together going forward. I prefer to follow up our first discussion with an email so you don’t have to worry about writing down every little detail of our discussion. We will also set up a time for a follow up appointment based on what you are working through.


It is important to remember that our goal here is very simple - give you the tools to work through your blockage and feel more empowered to face whatever life brings you next.  


Some of the tools I may suggest are: 

  • Chinese Herbal Teas

  • Essential Oils 

  • Gemstone Elixirs

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Mindfulness Techniques or Books

  • Journalling/Mind Mapping

  • Dao Yin/Qi Gong Practices

  • Exercise Therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Dietary Therapy

  • Acupuncture​

If you are struggling with a block in your personal, medical, or professional life and feel that you could use some help, give me a call. It's free.  Let's see if we are a good match to work together and begin unraveling the mystery of your unique life. (619) 535-1876

I also teach privately and am available for seminars.

Ready to Start Your Own Transformational Journey?