Hello, friend of Elite Man!

Thank you for stopping by after tuning in to my podcast interview with Justin. As I mentioned on the show, I am offering an exclusive bonus to Elite Man listeners who want to participate in the 28-Day Challenge to develop resilience in the face of even the most stubborn emotional triggers.

In addition to the mind-altering methods you will learn and be privately coached through during the 28-Day Challenge, you will receive my 3-Shen tea blend and essential oil - tools to help you develop a meditation practice more easily for life-long improvements in your emotional health. 


As an ADDED BONUS, when you purchase this program with the code ELITEMAN you will also receive the “Understanding Your Path” digital download for FREE. This is a comprehensive guide with exercises that will help you uncover the roots of your emotional triggers. This is one of the best tools you can use for understanding the deeper layers of what makes you tick and why. Knowledge is power, and knowing your “hidden” self will help you break the hold that even the most stubborn traumas and triggers have over you.


Below, you will find the information about the 28-Day Challenge, what’s involved, and how it works. But, if you have any questions at all, I encourage you to book a free 20-minute consultation with me here


To your health, 


Justin Ehrlich


P.S. You will see there are two options and price points for your participation in this life-enhancing challenge. Click on the option you prefer, and at checkout enter the code ELITEMAN to receive the BONUS “Understanding Your Path” digital download. 



Meditation Challenge



Choosing to take on this 28-day meditation challenge has the power to dramatically shift your relationship to the triggers that cause you strong emotional reactions.

During the 28-days, you will:

Learn how to apply a powerful mind-shifting meditation practice called 2-point awareness, during which you will use the proprietary 3-Shen tea blend and essential oil Justin sends you to enhance the meditation’s effects.


Meet with Justin one-on-one over web conference during three, 30-minute sessions. He will guide you to help you break through your primary struggle or chronic emotional pattern.


See your progress through a “before and after” look at your results from your 3 self-assessments done over the 28-days.


28-Days in Detail

Prior to start: You will have your complimentary consult with Justin, sign your release form, complete the first self-assessment, and receive your 3-Shen tea and oil in the mail.

Day 1: Have Session 1 with Justin on videoconference for 30 minutes. Establish your area of focus (a trigger or struggle) for the 28-day challenge. Receive the 2-point awareness meditation instructions and audio guided meditation. Set date and time for midpoint session (2 of 3) with Justin.

Day 2-7: Receive daily emails with encouraging prompts for your meditation, including easy access to the audio guided meditation. Practice 2-point meditation daily after drinking the 3-Shen tea and applied the 3-Shen oil.

Day 8-13: Practice 2-point meditation with the 3-Shen tea and oil daily.

Day 13: Complete second of three self-assessments (you will get an email prompt & link).

Day 14: Have Session 2 with Justin on videoconference for 30 minutes. Set date and time for final session (3 of 3) with Justin.

Day 15-27: Continue to practice 2-point meditation daily. Begin to apply the practice of 2-point awareness in everyday situations where you are triggered emotionally.

Day 27: Complete third and final self-assessment (you will get an email prompt & link).

Day 28: Have final session (3 of 3) with Justin on video conference for 30 minutes. Review results of all 3 self-assessments to visualize how far you’ve come. Set next steps for continued growth.


You can choose to participate in this challenge in one of three ways:

Option 1 - $587.50

  • Receive three, 30-minute one-on-one online sessions with Justin.

  • Receive a one-month supply of the 3-Shen tea and the 3-Shen oil.

  • Receive the 2-point meditation training, an audio of Justin’s guided meditation, and an email series of encouraging meditation prompts.

Option 2 - $200

  • Receive everything from Option 1 at a special reduced price in exchange for:

    • Writing a testimonial about the challenge for Justin’s blog.

    • Writing a review about the challenge on both Google and Amazon.