1-on-1 coaching


1-on-1 coaching and treatments are all about getting you the results you’re looking for as quickly as possible. Whether you’re working through a serious health issue, a relationship crisis, or trying to figure out where to go with your life, we’ll get to the source of what’s coming up and find a practical path towards a solution.



It’s focused, very personalized, and intense.


I know how challenging it can be to balance our personal and professional responsibilities and dreams. I understand how it can be overwhelming to even think about making changes and stepping into the unknown. I also know how suffocating it feels when we don’t honor our truth and take action.


Private work allows us to dig into and integrate your physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences as they are related to the problem you’re facing. This is exactly why it gives you the best chance at making deep, lasting changes quickly.

Recognize the problem and understand it fully


Many of us don’t even truly understand the problems that are causing our misery and holding us back. Often, my clients are surprised to discover the actual issues that are causing their distress. Fortunately, with the right focus,  our struggles provide the insights we need to understand ourselves and give us a path towards real, meaningful change.




Empower yourself and make lasting change



Sometimes, even though we know what’s eating away at us or causing our health issues, we just don’t know where or how to start making changes. Finding a workable balance between inner honesty and external action is rarely simple because most of us weren’t taught how to navigate the space between these two worlds.


Learning how to effectively integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual practices into our busy modern lives is one of biggest gifts we can give ourselves. It is remarkably empowering, and comforting, to know how to use all three areas to deal with any struggle that comes up or support those we love.



Let's solve your problems

Types of work

The First Step


Are you ready to go deep and look at your life experiences with some radical honesty and vulnerability? Are you ready to get to the root of

what’s bothering you? 

Ongoing Support

Do you need some help empowering yourself to take action and finally make the changes you know you

need to?


"Justin was recommended to me by another acupuncturist I was seeing, who thought he would be the best person to help treat my medical condition. He has helped me with that, and so much more!  Justin looks at the complete picture of a person - all the different facets of their personality, their background and their life that affect their emotional and physical health. He is extremely experienced and wonderful at explaining things in ways that you can use in them in your life. Justin is also very compassionate and kind.  I am a mother of three young children, an experience he does not have, and yet he is able to help me navigate my life with empathy and understanding.  In short, Justin is the complete package - his holistic, integrative medical expertise is the best I have found, and it is combined with wisdom and care. I don't need to read self-help books, or see a therapist, or go to any other medical practitioners - I have found it all in him!"

— S.A.